Why is it Mondays in January are more blah than Mondays in any other month?

I’m still staying at my mom’s and it looks like I’ll be here for the rest of the week. My ass is beginning to hurt because I’ve been sitting on her very nice-looking (but not super comfortable) dining room chairs for hours on end, working on edits for the next book. The hard wood squishing my butt cheeks really makes me appreciate my beloved office chair, which is packed on a massive moving truck, and which won’t arrive at the new house until Friday night.

Our moving truck. If you see it, tell the driver to go faster, please.

No, I’m not complaining. Life doesn’t suck (and even if it did, who’d want to hear about that, anyway?). Mainly I’m just missing my stuff. A girl can miss her stuff, can’t she? Like, a girl can be tired of wearing the same two pairs of jeans all week, can’t she? And the same four sweaters?

She can, and she is.

But gradually I am settling back into life in Canada (or “Canadia”, as my friend Economic Disconnect likes to say, bless his dead, black heart). Tim Horton’s coffee is really good coffee, which I had forgotten, and I haven’t had Starbucks once since crossing the border. And people are FREAKING NICE here! I had very nearly forgotten that, too. Not that people weren’t nice in the U.S. – they most certainly were – but after almost five years away, I can say very objectively that people are REALLY FREAKING NICE in Canada. As you may have heard. It’s not a rumor.

I’m getting used to the weight of all the extra coins in my wallet (thanks to loonies and toonies, which are our one dollar and two dollar coins), and I’m getting used to hearing a lot of Barenaked Ladies, Hedley, Avril Lavigne, and Nickelback on the radio (I don’t mind the first two, but the last two can suck it, and we will not discuss Justin Bieber), and I’m also getting used to seeing everything labelled in French as well as English. All small things, but all subtle reminders that I’m back in the country where I was born and raised, and that Canada really does distinctively have its own unique flavour. And look, I spelled ‘flavour’ the Canadian way! (Which looks totally funny to me now.)

Another reminder? I was out with friends today and they must have said “eh” about a hundred times in the span of an hour. So that rumor? Sadly true. Weird how I can hear it now, though.Β 

It’s good to be home. And this is one of the reasons why:

Me with my soon-to-be 12-year-old niece, Kayla. She was 7, and so little, when I left!
And now she’s totally into Justin Bieber.

So, while I continue to wait for the big truck to arrive, I am working on edits for FREAK while squirming in this very stiff chair. What are you working on? Catch me up!

* * *

45 thoughts

  1. You got your edits! Fill me in – how are they? Compared to CREEP? There is nothing worse than painful chairs! You have my sympathy. And a girl is always allowed to miss her stuff. Heck, I miss stuff that I KNOW is somewhere here in the house, I just haven't seen it since our last move… πŸ˜‰


  2. It isn't just Mondays in January that suck. The whole month is a depressive organism that needs to be eradicated. Okay, Monday hit me hard today.:)

    Glad you're enjoying your re-Canadianisation, eh!


  3. I found out all about the Canadian “eh” thing on our cruise, where we met a nice couple from Toronto. My wife and I looked at each other and had to contain ourselves from laughing in front of them. But back in our cabin, we said in unison: “It's TRUE!”:)

    In a strange way, I envy you. I love that feeling when all your stuff finally arrives and you get to move in and arrange everything just the way you like it. Call me crazy, but I guess it's the “blank canvas” syndrome. I love that new home smell!

    Good luck, Jen.


  4. you are totally allowed to miss your stuff! i know i do, especially my big king size bed and gorgeous bedroom set. my life is currently packed into a 10X12 foot storage locker just waiting for the day that i get to come rescue itπŸ˜‰


  5. So true about January Mondays! It's because it's in the think of winter, I think, and after Christmas. You know you want it to still be Christmas, but know it's not coming around again for eleven months. blah! Good luck with the edit.s Is that for book two or a new one?


  6. Gah! Good luck on the truck! That sounds very suck. I would need my stuff too. Just something about your stuff. Glad you're back home and enjoying it! I had heard the nice thing about Canadians. Glad to know its true! That's almost as fun as knowing “eh” is true =P


  7. Glad you're getting on well. Sorry for your ass and that your poor ears are subjected to more Nickelback & JB than any one person should ever be. And that whole thing about freaking nice people? Well, I'm jealous. Americans ARE nice, really. It's just a Seattle thing to be unfriendly. God, I should have stowed away in one of your kitty carriers! I miss nice Americans. And I miss my wonderful Canadian!


  8. I would miss my office chair, too! Even though I tend to work on the couch. I hope your transition goes smoothly (even if you have to start saying “eh” to fit in again). And your niece is adorable!


  9. Each of the three times I drove through Canada I met only nice people. Even when I drove on the sidewalk, no one cursed.

    Funny story: Someone I knew that speaks fluent French decided to book a hotel room in Toronto in French, just to test her skills. In French, the man answered her question quickly but she needed him to repeat something. He repeated it in English!


  10. I hear you! Canadians are extraordinarily nice, and friendly, and nice (did I say that already?) but it's true.

    So, although you're farther away from my neck of the woods, I totally understand. Family, loonies (I was referring to two different things there), niceness, beautiful landscape and some awesome writers… Ah, Canada!

    Hope the move is smooth and the edits are smoother.


  11. I hear you! Canadians are extraordinarily nice, and friendly, and nice (did I say that already?) but it's true.

    So, although you're farther away from my neck of the woods, I totally understand. Family, loonies (I was referring to two different things there), niceness, beautiful landscape and some awesome writers… Ah, Canada!

    Hope the move is smooth and the edits are smoother.


  12. I suppose she can be forgiven for liking Justin Bieber. That age seems to be his main demographic, after all.

    And I wasn't sure Canadians really went around saying 'eh' all the time, thought it was just a rumor. But thanks for clearing that up!


  13. Welcome back to Canada =)! Hopefully this means you'll be doing another book event here in Toronto for Freak! I would love to have that one signed too ..and make it a signed collection!

    Hopefully once you're settled in, things will get easier =).


  14. Thanks for stopping in, guys! For the record, I do not say “eh”. And if you catch me saying it, I'll give you a loonie!

    Jennie: Edits are going well so far. They're much more extensive than CREEP (which basically needed no edits since I had done most of that with my agent before submitting). I'll send you an email and give you the details.

    Ricky: Good luck! How exciting!

    B.E.: Thanks, hugs back! I'll be more relaxed once the truck is here.

    L.G.: Yes, I think Mondays suck no matter what. At least we can commiserate!

    Ben: It's a gargantuan truck, but you're right, it's not just our stuff. I think in the end there's three houses worth of stuff on it.

    Julie: Yeah, not a fan of the Bieber, but he seems to be EVERYWHERE here.

    David: You would have had my permission to laugh! It really does sound funny!

    Lori: You'll see your stuff again soon! When are you coming over?πŸ˜‰

    D.U.: I'm working on edits for FREAK, the sequel to CREEP. Will be a busy month, but at least it gives me an excuse to stay inside and out of the cold! Which I hate!

    Colene: Yes, some of those rumors are true! But I suppose there could be worse rumors, haha.

    Nancy: Americans are wonderfully nice, but there was something about Seattle that kept people distanced from one another. Not you and me, though! I miss you.😦

    Amanda: It really is the transition part that's tough, isn't it? It's the in between. And I would kill for my office chair right now.

    Alex: Thank you for your condolences regarding the Biebs. As for Economic, I think he likes getting hit, I really do…

    Meredith: My niece is so grown up it scares me! When I was last home, boys were icky, and now? Not icky at all anymore!

    Charlie: Yep, sounds like you had a true Canadian experience. And that reminds me, I need to work on my French.

    Julie: I miss the Northwest already, I really do. It gets under your skin, you know? It will be always be a part of me.

    Writing Hour: A lot of Canadians do say “eh”. And it sounds so funny to me now! Thanks for stopping by.:)

    Cherie: Yes, my butt is screaming for a pillow. (Wait, that didn't sound right…)

    Chelsey: Thank you!:) It's great to be home. Now I need to go shopping for a winter coat!


  15. Oh your niece looks so sweet!
    And I'm glad you're back home! I'd love to go to Canada someday!πŸ˜€

    Sorry I've been MIA–I had pneumonia in December, so I'm just catching up on blog posts.

    And thanks for your blogiversary wishes–though you spell it blogoversary? LOL



  16. I didn't even realize we were that freakin nice, eh? LOL!!

    Welcome home! I know its been a very difficult transition but you have been dearly missed! You can also plant your butt here anytime you need.

    And that IS one enormous truck… I'd like to see that round a corner… Crossing my fingers for you, that it will arrive soon!


  17. Eh? =] My wife and I visited some friends in Canada a couple years ago, and I got to see Niagara Falls for the first time. Holy cow. That whole Maid of the Mist thing? Took my breath away — all that water is SO powerful. So are YOU. Power through those edits, and give us some more Hillier to read!


  18. “Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch”

    I know I am so evil, how do you stand me? I could comment that I have had to endure the threat of physical violence from you (Alex can attest) but I will be nice to me neighbor from the North.


  19. Aw, hopefully your truck will make it to you soon! That's one huge truck, man! Did you dig up your whole house and put it in there? Aw, good to see all those stereotypes are still true about Canada ;p Have you been to a hockey game yet?


  20. This brought back some memories, eh!

    We were three months in Canada without our possessions until we finally moved into our house. That moving truck was the most welcome sight in the world!

    I visited my family back in the UK a few years ago, and I knew I was home again when I was back amongst such openly NICE people and sipped my Timmy's coffee.

    And Canada is not alone in the world. We always used to say “Eh” in the corner of the British Isles where I came from:)


  21. I wouldn't mind visiting Canada someday. Sounds fun! I mean, the country gave the world Jennifer Hillier AND Rick Nash. I'm grateful! *grins*

    I hope your stuff hurries the heck up and you get settled in soon.:)


  22. Mondays suck. Feel free to complain! :) I hope your moving truck gets there fast. I've been to Canada a handful of times and would agree people there are super-friendly. Although maybe we SHOULD talk about Justin Bieber since my four year old treats us to the Biebs on a daily basis. Heh heh heh. Not much to report. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting and trying to find motivation to work on my WIP which right now looks like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz after the flying monkeys tore him apart.


  23. Monica: She is a cutie pie, but growing up way too fast! If you ever come to Canada, I will show you SUCH a good time:)

    Lydia: First world problems, huh? I miss my stuff more than what's fair or right.

    Bella: You're one of the reasons I'm glad to be home. But you already know that.

    Milo: Aw, thank you, you're too kind. Hmmm, I will have do that Maid of the Mist ride this summer. Haven't done that since I was kid!

    Sam: Thanks for the cushion! I hope the truck arrives on time. *fingers crossed*

    GYSC: What? Can't hear you.

    Abby: I don't know if I'll make to a hockey game this winter, but I would love to see a basketball game!

    Botanist: So that explains it… we got the “eh” from you guys!

    Carrie: Me and Rick Nash in the same sentence? NICE! Thanks, Carrie!πŸ˜€

    Alexia: Avril angers me, and Nickelback is just… embarrassing. I'm going to Google Kidd Kraddick after this!

    Lisa: The little girls just love Justin Bieber, don't they? Maybe I would too if I were under the age of 12, but I since I'm not, I'll have to grit my teeth and bear it for the sake of my niece.πŸ˜›


  24. Boo on the uncomfy chair! Can't you put pillows so it won't be as hard? When I was 18 two of my best friends and I travelled to Ontario. At a small cafe, after ordering, the waitress said, “Amercian citizens eh?” and from then on, I heard that expression about a billion times. When I got back to the US, I kept saying it to my friends. They didn't see the humor, but whatever. I'm glad you're settling in, sort of. In no time, I bet you will be and feel “home”.


  25. I didn't even get on the internet yesterday which is proof of how bad Mondays suck. I was in like a black pit of suck.

    I am sorry about your And that's how you spell 'eh' not 'aye'? Maybe 'aye' is like an old Fonzi reference? I don't know.

    It actually sounds pretty great up there and before you know it all your stuff will arrive and it will be even better!! I am just disgustingly cheerful today.


  26. I've only moved once in my life. We piled our stuff in 4 cars and made the move in one trip. Of course, it was only 8 miles but still. ; )

    I would hate to have to wait for my stuff to arrive. Especially if I had to sit in a 'hard on my butt' chair, at that. I hope that driver is breaking all the speed laws (and doesn't get caught!).

    Btw, your niece is adorable!


  27. Yvonne: I bet you have good stories from that trip to Ontario when you were 18!

    Ghenet: You should come to Toronto sometime! Then again, it will probably remind of you in NYC in a lot of ways, so maybe it's not that exciting, haha.

    Sophia: Alas, a lot of the rumors are true. Edits are going well, no complaints.:)

    Marsha: I always thought of “aye” as like, Scottish. Or Irish. No matter, you spell it how you want, girl!

    SoCal: I've heard horror stories about people waiting 3 MONTHS for their stuff, so 2 weeks is nothing in comparison. I really do miss my bed, though.


  28. holy shit! is that seriosly the truck that packed up your stuff? cause holy cow you have a lot of stuff! lol Glad you are back at home with family and friends and NICE PEOPLE. Hugs my friend! Hope your stuff arrives soon!!!


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