Vlog #3: Twists and reality

(ETA: I forgot to announce the winner for a signed hardcover of CREEP! Congrats to Julie Fedderson! Julie, please email me at jennifer @ jenniferhillier (dot) ca and I will send you your book!)

Guys, I seriously have to re-think whether I want to continue doing these vlogs, because I really feel like I’m going to throw up every time I post one.

But then I remember the kind words of my blog buddy, L.G. Smith, who wrote:

“Jennifer has a got a pair on her a bull would envy.”

Thanks, L.G.! Here we go…

So tell me! What is the scariest thing about your job? For me, it’s the reviews, hands down.

(Don’t forget, I’m giving away books all month long… comment to win a signed hardcover of CREEP!)

* * *

39 thoughts

  1. You don't have to be sorry. I say 'shit' all the time. : P And thanks for the shoutout! I can't imagine writing an ending then going back and filling in the blanks. Although, I can see how that could be really fun/interesting/creative.

    As for your question: the scariest thing about my 'job' are I.V.'s I have no veins.


  2. That was fantastic. Having never viewed a vlog before, I was truly impressed!!!

    As for the scariest part of my job — writing every day. Some days I just want to walk away from the computer, knowing it's all shit. (See I said it too.) But I don't. Because someday, hopefully, I'll have great reviews too.


  3. Fantastic Vlog my friend! You are a natural and the camera loves you! Thank you for answering my question. I had goosebumps, felt so special! Scariest thing about my job is, feeling like I am slipping out of the world of adults and into a world of children. Don't get me wrong I have the best job in the world. My concern is that I am not as 'sharp' as I used to be. Some days I find it hard communicating on an adult level. The second part is that I am scared of what I will do when my youngest starts school next year. I have been surrounded by my beautiful children for years and it dawned on me last week when a friend asked me if I was returning to work. What will I do with all of the extra time on my hands? Well, I will finally get to everything that I haven't been able to for all these years. Although i am scared thinking of my new reality in less than 11 months. Love, Deyana


  4. You're doing great with your vlogs.🙂

    For the scariest parts about my jobs, it depends on which job I'm talking about. As a test proctor, I'm terrified that something horrible will happen to a person's test and they'll blame me for it. In the library, I'm a bit afraid that we'll have someone in here who isn't supposed to be in here, and when we ask them to leave, they'll get violent. For writing, I fear that I'll somehow ruin a story in edits. In editing other people's work, much the same thing as with writing. I don't fear rejection letters as much because I know there are so many options out there, but reviews can be worrisome too.

    I guess in the end you just have to do the best you can and hope it'll be enough.🙂


  5. I frankly don't know how you walk with all that junk between your legs.

    Great V-log again. That's a great way of answering reader questions. And I didn't even notice that you were nauseous, though I assume there was a bucket off screen just in case.


  6. These are great; thanks for being so transparent with us. As for my day job, the scariest thing is probably Back to School Night — and it just so happens to be TONIGHT. But I've got my powerpoints ready, so I should be good to go.


  7. There's nothing wrong with your vLog. In fact, I think it's good to do regularly an activity that gets you so nervous, no? Also, don't ever worry about swearing. Not with me anyway🙂


  8. With a husband who's former Army and a writing background that's straight from a newsroom, I've learned to see swearing in a whole different light. And you gotta love a quote like this one. LOL

    Congratulations on another excellent Vlog!


  9. You're a great vlogger! You look great, sound smart and come across as a real person, down to earth. So keep it up for us, please.

    I don't fear anything in my regular job, except making a mistake, but that's no big deal. I am afraid of not being able to reproduce anything close to resembling my last writing experience though. The second book is so much harder than the first. What the f#*k is that that?


  10. I love your vlogs! And the cursing made me laugh.🙂

    I think when I (finally) have a book out, the reviews will scare me too. But your book is doing so well so you should be proud. Good luck with book 2!


  11. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Jennifer. Please keep it up.

    Scariest part of my job? As an IT service manager, the thing that scares the shit (see, I can say it too!) out of me is having responsibility for some vital systems, but not enough staff or funding to look after them properly. By “vital”, think: entire organisation of 35,000 workers comes to a dead halt if some of these babies fail.


  12. Great vlog post again. It's okay to say shit. I say it all the time. Luckily the kids haven't picked up my bad habits yet. Can you imagine?

    “Shit mom, I don't want regular milk, I want soy milk.”

    Anywho, you can probably already imagine the scariest thing about my day job.

    Primum non nocere.


  13. HAHAHA! Talk about me making you laugh. You cracked me up with the slip of the tongue..oops, then the another…oops then one more:)
    Keep doing the vlogs girl! Suck in the vomit and keep going because their great!


  14. Love it!! Especially the cussing, what is more endearing than saying “shit, I said shit?” And thanks so much for the book! I am so excited, because the most I've ever won is $3 on a powerball ticket. As far as what scares me about my job is that I may hurt someone because I didn't diagnose them correctly. I've spent a lot of sleepless nights second guessing myself.


  15. Your silly, you look great and are honest. if you write book two just for you. . . I am sure that it will be all you want it to be. Thats the key. Just keep writing for you and no one else. And no one minds the swearing.. .Horror fans are well weathered souls😉
    and the scariest thing about my job? Well, before i retired it was similar the a scene from a warehouse in The Bone Collector. . . Now i write , so its PTSD and papercuts.


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