Everything I’m feeling right now…

… is captured perfectly right here:

A second book is actually more a test than the first. Not in how well it’s written—although some writers manage to triumph over all these odds and produce stellar sophomore efforts. But the second book is where the writer screws up his courage and learns to proceed without the illusions and wild optimism. 

Click to read the entire post, Why Second Novels Are So Different from the First, over at Wordplay. Author Kim Wright says everything I’m feeling right now. I’m so grateful that I’m not only one.

Book two is the reason I’m on a blog break.

Book two is the reason I’m not sleeping.

Book two is righteously kicking my ass.

* * *

38 thoughts

  1. *shakes pompoms* Go Jennifer Go! Sometimes it takes getting your ass kicked (even by literature) to get you through it all. Still, it sucks you're not sleeping. Have you tried listening to Samuel L. Jackson reading 'Go the F to Sleep'? Works for me!😛

    Hope you're surviving!!


  2. The pressure never goes away, it just takes a different form with each level you climb. But I know you're up to the task! It sucks to be feeling the way you are right now, though. Let your friends hold you up, encourage and reassure you!!


  3. Thanks for keeping it real. I'm sure I'd feel the same way. Heck, I already do — and I've only had short stories published! Keep up the good work. Keep Creep nearby. Just look at it and tell yourself, “I've done it before, and I can do it again.”


  4. :: Grabs a set of pom poms and joins Caitlin on your personal cheering squad :: You can do it! It's not nearly as entertaining to see an author triumph if you don't give us the illusion that the book is putting up a decent fight for a little while.😉 You'll come out the victor with maybe only a minor paper cut or two while your book will acknowledge you as supreme master of the written word. 🙂 Ok, I can't come up with any more hyperboles. We love you and we're cheering you on!🙂


  5. That sounds very stressful. I have nothing intelligent to add but I will say having read Creep that I have every confidence that your next book (no matter how strenuous the writing is) will be even better. You're too good a writer to go anywhere but up!


  6. I haven’t even signed a contract for The Underground Gift, and already I’m thinking all kinds of worrisome things about my second YA. Is it thematic enough? Oh my gosh, is it too similar and therefore boring and predictable? Should it also be a historical novel? If my first one is an edgy historical, does that mean I can’t ever write the non-historical edgy novels lurking in my mind? You know, just the ordinary thoughts a writer has at any given moment.🙂


  7. Hang in there, J.

    With your first novel, you had to prove you were a writer to a world that didn't know who the hell you were, and you managed to do that quite admirably.

    This time around, your main obstacle is Jenny. Don't let her convince you that you are anything BUT a damn fine writer.

    And remember, sometimes our journeys are sweeter the second time around.

    Now prove it again, and savor it.


  8. I've heard this said so many times, and you know I've started my second novel. I'm almost 60K words into it. Really happy with the way it's going, thankfully.

    I want to lessen any pressure I may have as much as possible! For me it's all about the career.


  9. I'm sorry you're feeling down. I know it's the pressure of a deadline, but have confidence in the fact that you're an incredible storyteller. Focus on just the story, not the extraneous crap around you. You have friends & fans who are pulling & praying for you. We have faith in you! You will do this. Baby steps, all the way to the end.


  10. Everything is always a lot harder the second time around. In sports, there's the second-season-blues. In music, most second albums are flops. It's explainable. When you have ten years to write the first and eight months to write the second, the game changes. I have faith in you, Jenn!


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