"She’ll CREEP you out!"

I forgot to announce a winner from Friday’s giveaway! The winner of a signed hardcover of CREEP is…

Awesome! Nancy, please email me at jennifer (at) jenniferhillier (dot) ca with your mailing address so I can get your book out to you.

Now for bits of miscellaneous good news…

Last week I was given screen shots of my feature/review in Suspense Magazine, which means I canĀ now share the article here. Many thanks to the wonderful folks at this ultra cool magazine for featuring CREEP (and me) in their July issue.

If you’d like to read the whole issue, you can click HERE to download it to your Kindle (like I did), or HERE to download it to your Nook. It’s only $2.99. If you’re a fan of suspense/mystery/thrillers, please do support this magazine. It’s terrific.

Click to enlarge images:

Are you on Goodreads? Gallery Books is giving away 15 copies of CREEP. Click HERE to enter.
Lastly, I guest posted over at BookTrib.com, discussing why I write such dark fiction.
So, how are you doing? Anything exciting going on in your world? Tell me tell me tell me!
* * *

22 thoughts

  1. Agrees with Samantha. You are really going places!!!! (Note the same amount of exclamation points. I'd give you tons more, but gotta save SOME ink here.)

    I am so proud of you, Jenny. Shine on.

    And congrats to Nancy! Nancy is a friend of mine. I know she's gunna be ecstatic to learn she won. I'd give my eye teeth, hell, I'd give my eyes AND my teeth, to be able to watch her read “Creep.” Hehe.


  2. I love your point about compartmentalisation. I wish I had something to add to make that seem more than an empty platitude. Oh, I guess the safe thing to say would be that I'm realising we all divide ourselves up into our various roles, and you made me realise that there's a good side to being able to do that, too.


  3. I still say it's the best interview/review yet. Love it. And I like the post over at Booktrib. Villains are the most fun to write.lol

    I have nothing exciting going on…at all. If I did I would tell you.


  4. YAY ME…I won CREEP!!! So excited, Jennifer! Thanks so very much. I just emailed you my address. (You'll notice we're practically neighbors.)

    Congrats on the cool article. You deserve it the recognition.


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