Ten things I love about Halloween

10.  Halloween parties.  Doesn’t matter that we’re grown-ups, Halloween gives everybody an excuse to be a kid again.  It’s fun to dress up.  Which leads me to…

9.  The costumes.  Especially the ones that are gory.  Bring on the zombies, the vampires, and the severed limbs!  If your costume makes me gag, so much the better.  Speaking of gagging, I also love…

8.  Halloween-inspired food.  Cookies shaped like spiders, or jello that looks like brains.  Someday I’d love to bake a huge cake in the shape of a person, and underneath the flesh-toned icing would be layers of red velvet cake with pockets of red-tinted vanilla custard that oozes.  Imagine cutting into that sucker!  And on a similar note…

7.  The candy.  I get so ridiculously excited when I see those bags filled with miniature chocolate bars at the grocery store.  What is it about food in miniature size that makes it seem so much tastier?  And the kids appreciate it too, especially when they’re…

6.  Trick-or-treating.  Man, I wish I was little again so I could go door-to-door for free candy.  Nothing quite like it, is there?  And I always knew which houses gave out the best stuff, because of their…

5.  Decorations.  This year, we have cobwebs, a spider, a yowling battery-operated black cat (who scares the crap out of our living, breathing cats), and a few electric pumpkins.  Okay, so plug-in pumpkins are cheating, but not everybody is good at creating…

4.  Jack-o-lanterns.  I’m amazed how good some people are at carving jack-o-lanterns.  It really takes skill!  Then again, how does one get good at carving ANYTHING?  It makes one wonder.  Besides, all that work would make me crave…

3.  Pumpkin spice lattes.  Perhaps this is more of a Fall thing and not so much of a Halloween thing, but who cares?  They’re so yummy they belong on this list.  As do…

2.  Horror movies.  I love a good scare anytime of year, but horror movies are especially fun at Halloween, no?  A few of my faves:  The Exorcist, Candyman, and Carrie. Too bad none of these movies have my all-time favorite Halloween song included in the soundtrack, which just happens to be…

1.  The Monster Mash.  This song is only played for a few days out of every year, and it never fails to put me in the Halloween spirit!

What do YOU love about Halloween?

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Also be sure to check out JB Lynn’s post about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, which starts in November) at Killer Chicks right now!

25 thoughts

  1. I love when Pumpkin Spice Lattes roll in for the holidays! Right now, I'm into spiced apple cider and it's not even December! I'm really loving walking Lily after dark so we can take a gander at all the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood. She's especially terrified of a HUGE spider that is perched over someone's door and moves. It's about six feet long and half that wide. Oh, and it glows! Super cool. She tries to run from it every time. Is it mean that I torture my dog? I'm so sad the decorations will be coming down next week. GREAT list!!


  2. You have no idea how intensely jealous I am that Americans get to celebrate Halloween, and Australians get…um…well, nothing really. There's even a Halloween party in my novel, just to rub it in Australia's face. I always wanted to Trick or Treat when I was young, but never got a chance😦 Blatant denial of human rights, right there.


  3. Technically, we don't celebrate Halloween down here in Australia, but that doesn't stop some people from trick or treating. I still enjoy the horror movies and Halloween shows that plague the television chanels around this time of year (I love the scary movies).


  4. I love that Halloween gives us adults permission to be children again, play-acting if only for a few hours.

    Like you, I love that it gives me a chance to drag out my favorite horror movies (the ones where there is a hero to counter-balance the monster — what fun would ALIENS be without Ripley?)

    Come check out my Halloween tribute with the young, crafty Victor Standish fighting for and against revenants.


  5. Aside from the many wonderful things you mentioned, I enjoy:
    1) The ambience. The crisp night chill, the piles of fallen leaves, and the final harvest of the fall squashes (I grew up in a small, rural New England town).
    2) The irony. Inhibited folks dress up as a ficitional belief and act out the part. Kids knock on strangers' doors and ask for candy. We celebrate the macabre, the horrifying, and those things generally shunned by societies. And, the next day is yet another celebration of the deceased, All Souls Day. Truly a time of irony.
    3) The Beginnings. To me, Halloween is the start of the Holiday season: Soon on its heels is Thanksgiving followed by Christmas. What a magnificent time of year!



  6. Firstly. Caitlin just made me so sad! No Halloween!? … wow…

    I love all those things about Halloween too! That big person-cake sounds crazy fun too. You should totally do it! And then share it. Cause. YUM.

    You decorations sound so fun! I'm going to attempt to carve my first pumpkin tonight. It looks so darn easy! right…?


  7. Thank you so much for following my blog – and I freakin' adore yours!😀

    Here in the UK Halloween isn't such a big thing, which is a shame as I LOVE it! Here it's mainly young kids going trick or treating (and egging your house) and the adults going to themed parties. Dressing up is the best part. My partner is a freelance prop/costume maker so coming up with costume ideas and effects is always fun. (He's also brilliant at carving pumpkins too!)

    I wish we did Halloween like the States!


  8. Good stuff. As for me, I like how this time of year inspires me to write a good (hopefully) creepy story or two. This weekend I finished up my doppelganger tale, and I hope to have it submitted by the 31st…


  9. No Halloween in Australia? And not much pull for it in the UK, either? That's too bad. It's such a fun time of year.

    Guys, if you haven't tried a pumpkin spice latte, you are missing out. They are delightful.


  10. I LOVE October and Halloween. We've already attended two Halloween parties. One of them was beyond badass over-the-top, gory and delightful. I was a fortune telling gypsy zombie and husband was faux Poe. But we were lame compared to all the amazing costumes.

    Also, i LOVE decorating for Halloween. (I've shared photos of some of them on my blog) I mean, I love being festive and decorating for all holidays, but Halloween is the best. I change my theme each year. (ex: last year Alchemy, this year, Poe/Raven)

    And I'd drink pumpkin spice lattes (or frapps) year round if they'd sell them to me. (I make do with caramel the rest of the year)

    Great blog you have here. Love the design work, too.



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