It’s May! What are you reading?

Quick reminder:  Last day to add a segment to our story.  I’m trying to wind it down so if you have an idea for the ending, write it!

I want to know what everyone’s reading.  I’m always looking for book recommendations, especially ones that are outside my favorite genre.

I’ll always keep you updated on what I’m reading because I’m sure your inquiring minds want to know.  Right now, it’s Jonathan Kellerman’s The Silent Partner, an oldie but goody, one of the earlier books in his Alex Delaware series.  He published it back in ’89 and I decided to read it again because I just finished his latest book, Bones.  I was curious to see whether his writing style has changed in the past twenty years, and yeah, has it ever!  He was much, much wordier two decades ago.  And I didn’t mind it. 

So please share.  What are you reading right now?  What have you read recently?  And would you recommend it?

3 thoughts

  1. I am currently reading “Charley’s Web” By Joy Fielding. It seems to be good but I can’t find the time to read it right now and that is driving me crazy.
    If you want an easy read of a different genre, try James Patterson’s “Sundays at Tiffany’s”. Read it in 2 days. Couldn’t put it down. James has 2 others in the same genre..”jennifer’s letters to..”(can’t remember the rest) and “Sam’s (or samanatha’s) letters to Nicolas”. I was reading this book. Turned the page and started bawling. Didn’t see that coming!! Hope that helps. If I think of any more I will let you know. And the book I bought by Greg Isles was “Turning Angel”. Glad that is in your top ten! We ARE alot a like!! always knew that though…heehee…hence the amazing friendship we have for 27 years!!! If Greg Isles books are still on at Costco, I will grab the other ones you recommended!!


  2. I am currently reading: Crank, by Ellen Hopkins. And Outlander by … ?? isn’t that awful that I don’t know?? Truth is, Outlander is boring me to tears, but the woman that recommended it to me RAVES about it, and promised that “as soon as she reaches the rocks, you will not be able to put the book down” … HOW MUCH LONGER TILL SHE REACHES THE DAMN ROCKS??? So, I put that book in my hospital “delivery” suitcase. I’m thinking that when my water breaks, and I need to relax … I’ll bust out that book, and be fast asleep during contractions🙂
    As for Crank, I’m not sure how to feel about this book yet. Has anyone else read it? It’s very ‘poetic’, but hasn’t captured me yet.


  3. Oooh, nothing worse than a book that bores you and that makes you waste all that precious reading time waiting for it to get “good”. Put it down and step away, Mel. It’s okay to break up with a book. Sometimes it’s just not for you.


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