Dr. Sheila Tao is one of Seattle’s most popular psychology professors.  She’s also a closet sex addict.  And when she wakes up chained in the basement of a killer’s house, she knows she’s hit rock bottom.

When her three-month affair with her teaching assistant ends, Sheila vows to get her life back on track.  She recommits to her twelve-step Sex Addicts Anonymous program.  She says yes when her investment banker boyfriend proposes. She makes wedding plans.

But Ethan Wolfe can’t move forward so easily.  He didn’t pursue his professor for as long as he did to get dumped for some balding, middle-aged suit.  That’s not according to plan, and Ethan doesn’t take rejection well.

Most serial killers don’t.

Kidnapped by Ethan a week before her wedding, Sheila reels from the revelation that her student and former lover is actually the monster responsible for the murders of several women in the Seattle area.  And now Sheila’s own days are numbered, if Ethan’s state-of-the-art kill room is any indication.

With her arms and legs bound, Sheila fights back with the only weapon she has: her mind. Using everything she’s ever learned as a psychologist, she must peel back the layers of Ethan’s façade to find out who he really is – and what drives him – if she hopes to survive long enough for someone to find her.

There’s just one glitch:  nobody’s looking.  Because nobody thinks she’s missing.

8 thoughts

  1. Sounds intriguing! Hooked my interest.

    I have a blog for writing topics and for fun stuff too, but I’m working on getting a “professional” website to link to it, for the business side of the writing.


  2. I laughed out loud and thought, “GOOD.” Then I mused, is this baby synopsis expressing the humor that novel will have or has it inadvertently crept in.

    I think worthy woman stalked by serial killer books will usually get my $l4.00 bucks and I’ll read and enjoy. If it’s written tongue in cheek, I don’t know. I want to really be scared not laughing at my facade of fear?
    HC known around the house between me and dog, Annabelle, as honest comment. ha. claire


  3. Nothing gets past you, Claire.:) The synopsis? Definitely me being (or trying to be) a cheeky monkey. Because I know this is an idea that’s been done to death and I was poking fun at that.

    But the book? God I hope not. There’s some humor (a couple of the characters are wisecracking), but it’s definitely not tongue-in-cheek. So if people are laughing in the wrong places, then that would be… not good. I’d probably cry.


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