Engaging Book Types You Should Start Reading

Featuredimage Engaging Book Types You Should Start Reading - Engaging Book Types You Should Start Reading

The Jennifer Hillier blog is all about the thriller. But we’ve got more ideas up our sleeves. We have explored other genres that work well with a thriller like romance, horror, politics, cultural, and even musical.

That is why we are here to suggest different book genres for you to read, some you haven’t even heard of. But, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard about them once or twice. So, for now, put down that thriller novel and pick up a…

Science Fiction

With all the development and milestones in the different fields of the sciences, science fiction books have come a long way.

These days, it’s not just about lasers, mutations, spaceships, and aliens.

Science fiction these days are actually based on real research and studies conducted by the brightest minds of our generation. Most of them are still exaggerated but to the point that everything seems believable and even possible at some point.

Many science fiction books tackle the element of a dystopian world wherein everything is in chaos. Many of these books are written and published to inform and educate mankind about the different crises we are facing and the possible endgame for us all.

Gambling Books

This may sound crazy but there are actually amazing books about gambling and gambling stories out there. These are not just books about teaching you how to beat the game, it is so much more than that.

Gambling books these days tell you the untold story of the industry that has been around since ancient times and continues to be one of the biggest markets in the world. There are also books tackling the different casino scenes in different countries and the big issues they face.

If you want mind teasers, try reading books teaching you how to be strategic when playing different casino games. You might think there is no strategy in playing these games but there actually is. There are a lot of insights and mathematical takes in these books that will surely get your brain engaged.

It’s a great chance to learn something new every day. There are even books about the growth of online casinos. If you want to see how far online casinos have gone, visit Spin Palace casino now.


Did you know that there are a lot of thriller novels we’ve featured on our blog that was based on true stories or real events? These books are intriguing and will surely capture your attention on every page.

This is also an efficient way to learn something. There is just something about reading a story about someone or something from real life that engages the mind. The genre is not just one genre but covers so many others.

For example, a biography of the oldest living couple in the world. Now you can consider that as a romance novel.

There is so much to read out there. You can literally finish a book every day and not read all available books in your lifetime. So, what genre are you into nowadays? Keep reading.