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The person behind this one of a kind blogs is not Jennifer Hillier, the renowned thriller author from Toronto. The individual behind it all is Maria G. Oswalt. She is a big fan, probably even the number 1 fan of Hillier and her work.

Oswalt loved Hillier’s earlier novels like “Creep,” “Freak,” “The Dark Side,” and so on. After reading Hillier’s novels, again and again, Oswalt decided to blog about each one of them. To her surprise, her insights and feedback on the books were well received by other readers and Hillier herself.

Oswalt then connected to Hillier for an interview for her blog. Since then, the Jennifer Hillier blog became an online hot spot for people who love reading thriller novels or books.

The Thriller Blog

The Thriller Blog is where you can read the latest and biggest updates about old and new thriller novels. We mainly write and talk about novels by Canadian authors. But we also highlight books by other writers.

The Thriller Blog is not just a blog but an online forum for our readers and newcomers. In the blog, you can discuss everything you love about a particular thriller novel and you are sure to meet someone to debate with.

But, that’s the point of the blog, to keep people engaged and entertained.

Online Community

Jennifer Hillier’s readership grew from 100 to 3,000 to more than 20,000 in a span of two years. We owe a lot to the Thriller community for the milestones we have achieved as one of Canada’s top blogs promoting Canada’s talented authors and getting people interested in their books.

There are hundreds of writers out there who have what it takes but are not getting the resources and attention they need to push through with their work. And our online community is on top of that. For every blog read and share, we make money that will go directly to aspiring writers so they can be able to print and circulate their novels.

In the future, we aim to make Thriller Blog an international hit. To give us a hand, contact us today and we can talk about working together.