2 Must Read Canadian Thriller Novels

Featuredimage 2 Must Read Canadian Thriller Novels - 2 Must Read Canadian Thriller Novels

If you are looking for new great reads to bring electricity down your spine, we’re talking about thrillers, why not try these three books. All books are written by Canadian writers and truly explored thriller, crime, and mystery.

You can’t go wrong with these books and you might even finish all of them in only a week, if you can, probably even just three days. One day for each book.

The Kingfisher Secret by Anonymous

The Kingfisher Secret is a great book if you are into stories about spies with an intricate and complex storyline.

The book is about a beautiful woman working as a Russian spy for most of her life. She would be given a target, seduce him and then end his life. It’s a usual spy story if you think about it but this one stands out for one reason.

Post Image 2 Must Read Canadian Thriller Novels The Kingfisher Secret - 2 Must Read Canadian Thriller Novels

In the story, the spy is tasked to kill a Presidential candidate for the United States. The entire story is fictional, but many agree that there are a lot of similarities between the target and current US President Donald Trump. There is also a character in the book inspired by Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump.

According to the publisher of the book, the writer from Canada asked to remain anonymous for unknown reasons. But, with all the information you just read, you can connect the dots. This book has been applauded by a number of professional writers and is highly recommended.

The White Angel by John MacLachlan Gray

The White Angel by John Maclachlan Gray explored Canada’s anti-immigration campaign in the midst of the First World War. The story revolves around the mysterious death of a Scottish nanny, Janet Stewart, residing in Vancouver.

Post Image 2 Must Read Canadian Thriller Novels The White Angel - 2 Must Read Canadian Thriller Novels

The death then resulted in a political turmoil just before an important election.

The story was inspired by the unsolved case of Janet Smith a 22-year-old nursemaid from Vancouver. Janet was killed on July 26, 1924, and the investigation caught the attention of Canada and Scotland. The main elements surrounding the murder was a cover-up by the police and the conclusion that Smith committed suicide.

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